TEFL jobs at EF English First provide you with the career opportunity of a lifetime. Not only will you be able to enjoy a job with training and career advancement opportunities, but you will also get the chance to fully immerse yourself in a new country and culture. From the moment you apply, you will receive full support and guidance throughout the application process, and you will also be assigned your own recruiter who will guide you through the visa process step by step. Every year hundreds of teachers just like you take the leap and start a new job teaching English as a foreign language overseas. It all starts with an application.



Shanghai, English Teacher, EF English First Kids and Teens schools, 8 positions

Beijing, English Teacher, EF English First Kids and Teens schools, 6 positions

Beijing, English teacher, EF English First Adult Centers, 4 positions

Guangzhou, English Teacher, EF English First Kids and Teens Schools, 7 positions

Guangzhou, English Teacher, EF English First Adult Centers, 2 positions

Shenzhen, EF English First Kids and Teens schools, 6 positions

Chongqing, English Teacher, EF English First Kids and Teens Schools, 3 positions

Many other cities across China. Apply now to discuss with a recruiter

TEFL Jobs in China

TEFL Jobs in China

China is one of the world’s largest TEFL markets and it’s still growing! For experienced and newly qualified teachers, you can find a range of teaching opportunities around the country. EF English First currently has over 200 schools across 60 cities in China, so you will be able to find a teaching job in a city that suits you.
With EF, you can teach English to kids and teens, adults, or even teach English as a second language at our state of the art online language school in Shanghai. Once you are TEFL certified, you can enjoy a rewarding job, with career advancement opportunities as well as travel opportunities. As a foreign language teacher, you will be sure to get a competitive local salary with a comprehensive benefits package. Click the button below to learn more about ESL employment in China.

TEFL Jobs in Indonesia

TEFL Jobs in Indonesia

ESL jobs in Indonesia are in high demand due to being one of Southeast Asia’s most beautiful tourist destinations. But there’s more to Indonesia than just tourism. Indonesia is a country with a long and diverse cultural history, with people from all over the world settling, sharing their language, culture, food and religion. In recent years, foreign language teachers have seized the opportunity to carve out careers in a growing industry, establishing communities in some of the major cities like Jakarta and taking advantage of the travel opportunities.
As a second language teacher in Indonesia, you can benefit from career opportunities in a major city like Jakarta, or even find ESL jobs further afield in the lesser known towns and city. With EF, you can teach English as a foreign language to kids and teens, as well as adults, and still enjoy benefits such as competitive salaries and training opportunities.

TEFL Jobs in Russia

TEFL Jobs in Russia

According to the Russian Public Opinion Research Center, 92% of Russians surveyed consider English to be the most important foreign language to learn. However, according to EF’s English Proficiency Index (EPI), the country as a whole still isn’t proficient in the language. TEFL jobs in Russia, therefore, have increased in recent years to meet the demand, but this is still a relatively small market, with fewer year-round opportunities.
As a TEFL teacher in Russia with EF English First, you will be able to work on a legal visa, with training, support and a full benefits package. When you are not working, you will be free to travel around the world’s largest country and soak up the country’s unique culture and heritage.


It doesn’t matter where you would like to start a new TEFL job, you will receive full support from application to arrival from EF English First. After you submit your application, we will schedule a time to give you a quick call to understand more about you, where you would like to teach and which age group. From there, your recruiter will schedule an interview and guide you through the application process.
We know the first few weeks are really important. In these few weeks, you’ll need time to adjust, find a place to live and settle in. To help, EF will provide you with free hotel accommodation for the first two weeks while you find your feet. During this time, you will go through orientation and training, and we’ll provide you with the help you need to find a place to live.

TEFL Qualifications

Certifications and Career Advancement

Over the past few decades, EF English First has earned a reputation for offering teachers the opportunity to learn more and develop in the ESL industry. If you’re new to teaching and you’re not yet TEFL qualified, we can sponsor your TEFL certification which could save you up to $500. Once you have your TEFL, you will be able to take advantage of further professional accreditation, such as a CELTA, DIP TESOL, or even a management course. You can even benefit from our distance learning courses and sharpen your teaching skills.
Once you have been teaching with us for more than a year, you may find that you want to stick around and move into a more senior position. With EF, you can find further job opportunities in the ESL industry in areas such as course material creation, education management, and even recruitment and marketing. As a leading international education company, we pride ourselves on offering our teachers the chance to develop personally and professionally, and we hope this is something that you would like to take advantage of.

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