ESL Schools in Indonesia

If you’re thinking about teaching English in Indonesia, you’ve come to the right place. With over 78 schools across Indonesia, EF has you covered.  You can join EF in a lively city full of culture with lots to see and do like Jakarta. You can find a relaxing laid back lifestyle overlooking the beautiful beaches of Bali. Or you can find a mix of cultures with amazing eastern and western architecture in Semarang, Indonesia’s hidden gem.

Greater Jakarta and Central Java

Whether you’re enjoying Jakarta’s non-stop nightlife or finding a change of pace in Java’s cultural heart of Solo, you’ll never be lost for things to see and do on Indonesia’s most populous island!

Greater Jakarta

Teaching English in Jakartathe Big Durian

Central Jakarta

Teaching English in Yogyakarta –  City of Scholars
Teaching English in Solo – The spirit of Java
Teaching English in Semarang – The city of Jamu

East and West Java

Head out to the hills and breathe in the fresh mountain air in Bandung or be a part of the buzzing activity in Surabaya, Indonesia’s second largest city. East and West Java have plenty to offer.

East Java

Teach English in Surabaya – City of Heroes
Teach English in Jember – The Carnival City

West Java

Teaching English in Bandung – City of Flowers
Teaching English in Cilegon – The Steel City

Outside Java

Leave the frenetic hustle and bustle of Java behind and travel further afield. Walk white sand beaches in Sulawesi, explore the thick jungle in Kalimantan or sample Indonesia’s most delicious delicacies in Sumatra.

Outside Java

Teaching English in Bali – Island of the Gods


Teach English in Manado – City of Waving Palm Trees


Teaching English in Banjarmasin – City of a Thousand Rivers
Teaching English in Samarinda –  City by the river
Teaching English in Balikpapan –  Port city


Teaching English in Padang – Beloved city
Teaching English in Pekanbaru – City of good fortune
Teaching English in Palembang – Venice of Sumatra
Teaching English in Medan – The Paris of Sumatra

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